AJMI Profiles Division
Al Jazira Metal Industries LLC has interests in profile works. Hot Dip Galvanization, Foundry, Supply and Installation of Specialized Equipment throughout the United Arab Emirates and the Lower Gulf Region.

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Ex-Work Steel Flat Product Price Indicators ($/ton)
Location / Area Dec-2011 Jan-2012 Feb-2012
China 600 - 610 615 - 620 615 - 620
India 743 - 765 771 - 805 807 - 842
MEA 590 - 670 627 - 683 620 - 700

Vision and Mission




Our vision is to meet and exceed the International Standards of our products and services. In doing so, we aim to improve the quality of life of our community as well as make our products / services globally innovative. Al Jazira Metal Industries-Profiles Division is a dynamic company involved in Engineering Solutions in various fields including civil, infrastructure and road safety products.

Today, we are working closely with the authorities of the UAE to help them achieve their road safety strategy included in their Vision 2030 and we are working closely with our partners in IRF to be an active contributor and proactive engineering institution to achieve the road safety guidelines mapped in the UN ‘Decade of Action’. With our recent joint-venture with Barrier Systems Inc., a California-based manufacturer of crash cushion barriers and end terminals, we are well positioned to serve the needs and requirements for the future design of vehicle restraint solutions that are targeted to reduce the number of fatalities from deadly car accidents on the inner roads and highways. 


AJMI-Profiles Division is proud to have attended the Road Safety Seminar hosted by his excellency Eng. Abdulla Saeed AlShamsi, Acting Executive Director of Infrastructure and Municipal Assets in Abu Dhabi Municipality.
We believe in the future goals of Abu Dhabi Municipality, DOT and Abu Dhabi Police.




 The value we bring to our customers and stakeholders shall be achieved by:


  • Continual improvement in the product realization process and in the quality of our products / services.
  • Conducting training programs to all employees in order to improve their skills and ensure their  continued growth.
  • Setting objectives and targets at all levels and functions and striving to achieve them.


AJMI-Profiles Division strives to reduce pollution and minimize the effect on the environment irrespective of the existence or enforcement of local laws and regulations.


AJMI-Profiles Division ensures that safe work practices prevail, that accidents in the work area are prevented through vigilance and proper employee training, and that we are in compliance with all legal requirements pertaining to the health and safety of people.


AJMI-Profiles Division Management (an entity within AJMI Management) is committed to provide the resources for the effective implementation of the Quality & HSE System and ensures that our MISSION is communicated and understood throughout the organization.