AJMI Profiles Division
Al Jazira Metal Industries LLC has interests in profile works. Hot Dip Galvanization, Foundry, Supply and Installation of Specialized Equipment throughout the United Arab Emirates and the Lower Gulf Region.

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Ex-Work Steel Flat Product Price Indicators ($/ton)
Location / Area Dec-2011 Jan-2012 Feb-2012
China 600 - 610 615 - 620 615 - 620
India 743 - 765 771 - 805 807 - 842
MEA 590 - 670 627 - 683 620 - 700

Corrugated Sheet and Insulated Panels Solutions

Cladding is meant to serve as decorative or protective coverings for walls and roofs of buildings. There are many different types of materials used for cladding including wood, concrete, steel, and a range of PVC and composite materials. These coverings do not form part of the load bearing structure of any building and are typically installed with surface fastening techniques only. Cladding may be installed during the initial construction of buildings or may be retrofitted to existing structures during refurbishments or repairs. The unique, cost-effective characteristics of these materials allow engineers and architects to use them in the core structure of a building.


AJMI-Profiles Division cladding solution is custom designed to specification for durability, sustainability and efficiency. With its reduce maintenance cost and easy-to-install procedure, our cladding solution offers a quick return on investment to the end client looking for a smart approach to the design-build of mobile offices, sheds, warehouses, buildings infrastructure and cold storage facilities. Today, we are an active full-scale manufacturer of cladding solution in the UAE. Our cladding is designed for longer life, thermal insulation and superior weather performance.